Nightlife in Maldives

Maldives honeymoon packages can, no doubt, be costlier than a Thailand package or a Malaysia package, but you cannot ask for a better romantic setting than this blue-green island. While Maldives has everything that a sea-lover can ask for, it also has a happening culture and some must-see attractions in capital Male. However, by large, this destination is more about the sea resorts than anything else.

So, speaking of nightlife, Maldives is not a Las Vegas, to be honest. It is a Muslim country and has limited number of clubs and pubs. In a way, it is a great thing since the place spares you the cliched activities and lets you do something you cannot do at any other place in the world.

Night-fishing is one of the most loved activities to be done after sunset at this place. Tourists can get towards the reef on fishing boats and have a good time trying to find a meaty catch. The waters here are full of tuna fishes which is also the star attraction in most dining menus. Barrucuda is another fish you won’t regret catching. The icing on the cake is that tourists can feast on their catches once they get back to their hotels. If fishing is not your thing, you can still enjoy the night sky and the cool sea breeze.

An alternative is to stroll along the beaches, something which any romantic couple would prefer over those gaudy malls, multiplexes and pubs. A picnic over the beach is an exhilarating thing to do and it can be quite fun to settle down over a mat over the sandy shores.

These honeymoon packages let you dine at exotic restaurants. Maldives is extremely popular for its seafood. If you haven’t tasted the local tuna on a Maldives tour, it can be a gastronomical crime. Crabs, octopuses, lobsters- the variety is rich and sumptuous. If you have never tried these marine friends, we would wheedle you to experiment. In case, you are a veg, there are delicious green things to munch on. But it will be a shame nevertheless, since Maldives’ seafood is something for which even an herbivore can turn a carnivore.

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