A - Z Idli Recipes ~ X for Xacuti Masala Aloo Stuffed Idlis

These idlis are inspired by these stuffed idlis, I posted a couple of years ago. A spicy potato filling stuffed inside idlis makes an interesting and tasty variation to the standard idlis. All one needs to make this variety idlis are fermented idli batter, and a curry which is kept on a dry side, making it suitable for stuffing. A watery or gravy curry is not going to work to use as stuffing here. Idli recipe can be found here. I prepared regular potato curry, replacing green chilis with xacuti masala to suit my 'X' post in this idli series. 

So far in this eries,
Ingredients: (Yield - 16 idlis)
Fermented idli batter
Potato curry using xacuti masala
Ghee to grease the idli plates

* Heat water in a steamer or a idli cooker or a cooker base.
1. Stir the fermented batter well with a ladle. 
2. Prepare the curry on a dry side and keep it aside.
3. Grease the idli moulds and pour batter into a mould, filling up  only half of it. Take a big lemon sized portion of curry and roughly pat into a disc shape. Place it at the center of the idli mould and pour extra batter over it, enough to fill the mould.
* Repeat the steps with the remaining batter and the curry.
* Place the idli stand in the steamer, cover the lid and cook on low flame until done. (If using pressure cooker, don't put on the whistle). Add extra water to the steamer if water evaporates in the middle of steaming, taking care not to pour over the cooking idlis. 

4. Steam them on low flame until they are done. (One way to figure out if the idlis are done is to touch the idlis with moist fingers. If they don't stick then idlis are done. If they are sticking then they need more steaming. I usually steam for about 20 minutes on low flame while making idlis.)
* Turn off the stove and let them sit for about 5 - 10 minutes before removing them from moulds.
* Enjoy the stuffed idlis with chutney and/or sambhar.


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